AEW Elite GM 1.2.0 Update Notes

Welcome to The Elite Season 2!

  • Season Pass is unlockable for 9.99$, or for 2000 AEW Tickets.
  • Season Pass contains exclusive season themed cosmetics as well as a new gimmick.
    • Season themed emotes:
      • Super Kliq
      • Bay Bay
    • Season themed avatar accessories:
      • Michael 2s Blue & Red
      • BayBay Chain
      • Super Kliq Chain
      • Face Shield
    • Season themed wrestler cosmetics:
      • Brandon Cutler Gear: Tracksuit Red & Blue
      • Bryan Danielson Gear: Workout
      • Adam Cole Gear: Street Clothes
      • Bryan Danielson Finisher: Cattle Mutilation
      • Adam Cole Finisher : Panama Sunrise
    • Season themed gimmick:
      • Tacky Shoes
  • Complete Season Pass Missions to level up and gain access to these fantastic rewards!


  • Collection Bundles have been added to the game
    • Collection Bundles contain a set of items compiled together in a convenient single purchase bundle at a discounted price from the sum of its contents.

Gameplay Updates

All Modes

  • New wrestlers have been added to the available roster!
    • Roster Additions:
      • Adam Cole
      • Bryan Danielson
      • Daniel Garcia
      • Fuego Del Sol
      • Jeff Parker
      • Kiera Hogan
      • Matt Lee
      • Paul Wight
      • Ruby Soho
  • Many wrestlers’ stats have been updated.
  • Some wrestlers’ perks have changed.
  • New Gimmicks have been added to the game!
  • Gimmick Additions:
    • Tacky Shoes
    • Chilly Spray
    • Brass Knuckles
    • Beer
    • Poison Energy Drink
    • Armed Anderson
  • The new gimmicks are all available within the gimmick packs, supply packs, and rotating stores.(Excluding the Tacky Shoes, season pass exclusive gimmick)


  • A new season of Ranked multiplayer has begun!
    • Rankings have been reset
    • Rewards will be given to all players based on their performance during the Season of Punk ranked season.

Career Mode

  • New Story missions have been added!
    • Continue your journey to be THE Elite General Manager in the new chapter: Reunion.
  • New Challenges have been added!
    • Keep proving that you got what it takes to beat our new set of challenges! Prove the Elite are worthy of the name in Elite Dominance, and test your GM meddle in Best in the Biz.

Store Updates

The store has received a major visual update, as well as expanded inventory. The following are new additions to the game that can also be found in the store.

  • New wrestler Gear have been added to the supply packs, and some rotating stores.
    • Brandon Cutler Gear additions:
      • Dragon Pants
      • Dragon Suit
    • Darby Allin Gear additions:
      • Hooded
  • New gimmicks have been added to the supply packs, gimmick packs and bucks store.
    • Gimmick Additions:
      • Chilly Spray
      • Brass Knuckles
      • Beer
      • Poison Energy Drink
      • Armed Anderson
  • Collection Bundles have been added to some rotating stores
    • Starter Bundle
      • Contains :
        • Finishers: Uppercut, Clothesline, Moonsault
        • Gimmicks: Ladder, Steel chair, Table
        • Emotes: Party, WTF, Heart, Exploding
        • Flair: Black Ballcap, Blue Fancy Circle Glasses, Blue Work Glove, Black Formal Shoe
    • Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D Booster
      • Contains:
        • Finisher: Lockjaw
        • Gear: Black and Silver, Gold and Red, Red and White
    • Tay Conti Gear Bundle
      • Contains:
        • Gear: White, Blue, Green, Red
    • Cody Rhodes Booster
      • Contains:
        • Finisher: Cross Rhodes
        • Gimmick: Armed Anderson
        • Gear: Green and Gold, Red and Gold, Red and White
    • Orange Cassidy Booster
      • Contains:
        • Finisher: Orange Punch
        • Gear: Shirtless
    • Darby Allin Booster
      • Contains:
        • Finisher: Coffin Drop
        • Gimmick: Skateboard
        • Gear: Hooded

Visual Improvements

General Improvements

  • The Store was reworked.
    • The store now has a landing page when going to the store tab
    • There is an inner accessible store that contains the full inventory of items available for purchase.

Known Issues

  • Spawning the tooltip or purchase popups for certain gimmicks will cause a crash.
    • The following Gimmicks Exhibit this behavior
      • Tacky Shoes
      • Fluorescent bulb
      • Beer
  • Heading into career takes you to “Sabotage” even if you completed it, instead of “Reunion”
  • Purchase prompt does not close automatically after a real money purchase. In these cases, if you have confirmed the purchase, do not re-attempt the purchase, close the item window and continue playing as normal.
  • Some minor visual issues with item banners in the store
  • Under certain situations, story and challenge completion state visuals are not updating properly.