AEW Elite GM 1.1.0 Patch Notes


  • Season Pass – Season of Punk is now live
  • Ranked Multiplayer – Face off against your friends and foes to prove who is the best GM.
  • Ranked Leaderboards – Track your rank progress through the global leaderboard.
  • News and Events – Stay up to date with all the latest news.
  • Game Compendium – Swap wrestler gear and finishers and read up on all aspects of EGM.
  • Wrestler Gear – Unlock wrestler gear through the Season Pass or Supply Crates.
  • Story and Challenge Chapters – Story and challenge campaigns are now sorted through chapters. Selecting a chapter opens up the challenges associated with that chapter.
  • New Wrestlers
  • New Story Missions
  • New Challenge Missions
  • New Avatars
  • New Finishers


  • Segment animations – Segments now have animated sequences that play during simulation
  • Title Matches and Belt Transferring -Title matches are now applied to a match using segments
  • Wrestler stats and perks – Many wrestlers now have updated stats 
  • New Roster Additions- The list of available wrestlers has increased.
  • Gimmicks – New gimmicks have been added to the game
  • Endless Mode – Gameplay flow has been updated to match closer with online campaigns
  • Multiplayer Drafting Pool – The pool of wrestlers is no longer shared between players.
  • Multiplayer Opponents Show – The opponents show is now visible in the weekly review screen
  • Many small visual improvements and game optimizations have been added

Below you will find the list of changes to the game in the current update. Please bear in mind some changes require a device-side patch, and as such will require an update through your app store.


New Features


  • Ranked Multiplayer has now been added and the first season has begun!
    • Players will play through placement matches, and upon completion be granted a ranking.
    • Players will be matched against other players of a similar rating
  • Ranked Leaderboards
    • There is now a leaderboard that will display the rankings, the leader board will show you nearby rating players as well as the top rated players.

News and Events

  • There is now an in game news and events section.
    • Players can now keep up with all news EGM related from within the app, no more need to be on the discord to get the latest.
      • We still encourage you to join the discord as it is a great place to talk to fellow players and fans, let us know about bugs, give game suggestions, and have the team respond to you directly.

Season Pass – Welcome to Season of PUNK!

  • There is now a Season Pass in EGM!
  • Season Pass is unlockable for 9.99$, or for 2000 AEW Tickets.
  • Season Pass contains exclusive season themed cosmetics as well as a new gimmick.
    • Season themed emotes:
      • Ice Cream Bar Happy
      • Ice Cream Bar Sad
      • Ice Cream Bar Furious
      • Ice Cream Bar Angy
    • Season themed avatar accessories:
      • Season of Punk Gloves
      • Season of Punk Hat
      • Season of Punk Mask
      • Season of Punk Shoes
      • Season of Punk Chain
    • Season themed wrestler cosmetics:
      • CM Punk Gear: Casual Gear
      • CM Punk finisher: Go to Sleep
    • Season themed gimmick:
      • Ice Cream Bar
  • Complete Season Pass Missions to level up and gain access to the fantastic rewards!


  • There is now a compendium containing all the various gameplay contents in one convenient place!
    • You can view all the wrestlers, gimmicks, segments, and more from the compendium!
  • Head over to the compendium to select your wrestler cosmetics as well.


  • Gear have been added to EGM!
  • You can now unlock and change wrestler outfits to change how they look both in simulations, menus, and for player avatars!
    • Changing the selected wrestler gear can be done by viewing a wrestler in the compendium


Gameplay Updates

All Modes

  • New wrestlers have been added to the available roster!
    • Roster Additions:
      • CM Punk
      • Malakai Black
      • Thunder Rosa
      • Andrade El Idolo
      • Negative 1
      • Ryan Nemeth
      • Cezar Bononi
      • JD Drake
      • Brian Pillman Jr.
      • Anthony Ogogo
      • Wheeler Yuta
      • Shawn Dean
      • Julia Hart
  • Many wrestlers’ stats have been updated.
  • Many wrestlers’ perks have changed.
  • Some perks have been Reworked
  • Developer’s note:
    • The full list of changes is quite long, for those interested we placed them at the bottom of these notes, above the known issues.
  • New Gimmicks have been added to the game!
    • Gimmick Additions:
      • Blast Cannon ATV
      • Equipment Crate
      • Fluorescent Bulb
      • Pizza Cutter
      • Steel Pipe
      • Fire Extinguisher
    • The new gimmicks are all available within the gimmick packs, supply packs, and rotating stores.
  • Title Matches have been reworked
    • Title matches are now a segment.
    • Select the title match segment, and select a match setup that contains an eligible title match, and select the specific title you would like to put on the line!
    • Title perks no longer change hands unless the match had a title match segment.
    • Wrestlers who currently hold titles still start with their respective title for the duration of the season, and will also have an additional perk to reflect this, even if the title changes hands.
      • The FTW Champion perk added this season will NOT be considered a title, does NOT change hands, and will NOT appear in title match segments.
    • Developer’s note:
      • We got a lot of feedback on the way title matches work, and how players would like to be fully in control of the way the belts move. So now you have full control over when the titles are up for grabs.


  • Endless mode drafting is now similar to multiplayer drafting.
    • The available draft list will be a small selection of the available roster randomized.
    • Contract lengths of greater cost will appear less frequently to offset reduced available wrestlers.
    • The scout feature has been enabled in Endless, allowing players to refresh the available selections.


  • The available draft pool in multiplayer matches is no longer shared between players.
    • Now both you and your opponent can end up with  the same wrestlers in your rosters, drafting a wrestler will not prevent the opponent from getting them anymore.
  • On weekly review you can now see exactly how your opponents show played out.
    • Under your own match review, the opponents matches will now show up, with the amount of popularity the matches generated.
    • Developer’s Note:
      • This was a heavily requested change that we agreed with, especially because we feel that it really reinforces the fact that you are up against another show.

Career Mode

  • New Story missions have been added!
    • Continue your journey to be THE Elite General Manager
  • New Challenges have been added!
    • Keep proving that you got what it takes to beat our new set of challenges!

Store Updates

  • New wrestler gear, excluding CM Punk’s Casual Gear, have been added to the supply packs, and some rotating stores.
    • Chris Jericho gear addition:
      • Leather Jacket
    • Dr. Britt Baker DMD gear additions:
      • Black and Silver Gear
      • Red and White Gear
      • Gold and Red Gear
    • Cody Rhodes gear additions:
      • Blue and Black Gear
      • Green and Gold Gear
      • Red and Gold Gear
      • Red and White Gear
    • Tay Conti gear additions:
      • Blue Gear
      • Green Gear
      • Red Gear
      • White Gear
    • Matt Jackson gear addition:
      • Orange and Black Gear
    • Nick Jackson gear addition:
      • Orange and Black Gear
    • Orange Cassidy gear addition:
      • Shirtless
  • New gimmicks have been added to the supply packs, gimmick packs and bucks store.
    • Gimmick Additions:
      • Ice Cream Bar
      • Blast Cannon ATV
      • Equipment Crate
      • Fluorescent Bulb
      • Pizza Cutter
      • Steel Pipe
      • Fire Extinguisher
  • New Finishers, excluding CM Punk’s Go to Sleep finisher have been added to the supply packs, and rotating stores.
    • Anna Jay finisher addition:
      • Queen Slayer
    • Alan Angels finisher addition:
      • Wing Snapper
    • Brandi Rhodes finisher addition:
      • Shot of Brandi

Visual Improvements

New Additions

  • Segment animations have been added to the game!
    • Each segment now has an animation that will play during simulation representing the chosen segment, taking place before, during, or after a match.
    • Ever wanted to see your favorite wrestlers soaking in a tub? Now you can, you’re welcome.

General Improvements

  • The career menu has been reworked.
    • All single player challenges, and story have now moved to a single screen, that has access to the different types of challenges and story.
  • The main screen has been updated.
    • News and Events, Season Pass, and Leaderboards, are all accessible from the startup screen.
  • The Compendium has been added to the inventory screen.



The full list of changes to wrestlers and perks are listed below, the prices of wrestlers has been adjusted to reflect these changes.

Wrestler Changes

Aaron Solo:

  • Added new perk “The Factory”

Big Swole:

  • Added new perk “Go Faster”
  • Added new perk “Happy Go Lucky”

Brandi Rhodes

  • Added new perk “Optimist”
  • Added new perk “Opener”

Brian Cage

  • Removed perk “Team Taz”

Chris Jericho

  • Popularity changed: 98 -> 97 (-1)

Christian Cage

  • Added new perk “Acrobat”

Darby Allin

  • Added new perk “Streak”

Dr. Britt Baker DMD

  • Added new perk “Champion’s Perk”

Hikaru Shida

  • Added new perk “Closer”
  • Added new perk “Acrobat”

Jade Cargill

  • Added new perk “Ultra Instinct”
  • Added new perk “Jacked Up”
  • Popularity changed: 73 -> 80 (+7)
  • Strength changed: 85 -> 90 (+5)
  • Speed changed: 57 -> 65 (+8)
  • Endurance changed: 58 -> 65 (+7)

Jon Moxley

  • Added new perk “Berserk”

Kip Sabian

  • Popularity changed: 73 -> 65 (-8)
  • Strength changed: 61 -> 60 (-1)
  • Speed changed: 77 -> 65 (-12)
  • Endurance changed: 62 -> 55 (-7)

Leva Bates

  • Added new perk “The Librarian”

Matt Jackson

  • Removed Title perk “AEW World Tag Team Champion”


  • Added new perk “Champion’s Perk”

Nick Comoroto

  • Added new perk “The Factory”

Nick Jackson

  • Removed Title perk “AEW World Tag Team Champion”

Nyla Rose

  • Added new perk “Everlasting”
  • Added new perk “Closer”
  • Speed changed: 56 -> 74 (+18)
  • Endurance changed: 73 -> 85 (+12)

Penta El Zero M

  • Added Title perk “AEW World Tag Team Champion”
  • Added new perk “Champion’s Perk”

QT Marshall

  • Added new perk “The Factory”

Red Velvet

  • Popularity changed: 73 -> 80 (+7)
  • Strength changed: 64 -> 65 (+1)
  • Speed changed : 78 -> 84 (+6)
  • Endurance changed: 58 -> 71 (+13)

Rey Fenix

  • Added Title perk “AEW World Tag Team Champion”
  • Added new perk “Champion’s Perk”

Ricky Starks

  • Added new perk “FTW Champion”


  • Added new perk “Streak”
  • Added new perk “Happy Go Lucky”
  • Added new perk “Closer”

Serena Deeb

  • Popularity changed: 80 -> 65 (-15)
  • Speed changed: 90 -> 80 (-10)
  • Endurance changed: 72 -> 68 (-4)


  • Added new perk “Everlasting”

Perk Changes


  • Morale increase per activation changed: 3 -> 2 (-1)

American Nightmare

  • Income increase on activation changed: 100% -> 35% (-65%)
    • It had to be done.

Death Triangle

  • Morale increase per activation changed: 2 -> 1 (-1)

Demo God

  • Perk has been reworked
  • Old behavior:
    • If the wrestler is not used in a week, the following week  the wrestler will not lose morale and stamina.
  • New behavior:
    • For each consecutive week the wrestler is used,  increase strength, speed and morale by (10 x consecutive weeks) for the match. Reduce stamina by (2 x consecutive weeks), each match.
    • Effect triggers after the first week he appears, and bonus is reset when wrestler is not used for a week.

Freshly Squeezed

  • Strength reduction on activation changed: 15 -> 12 (-3)

Gunn Club

  • Morale increase for match on activation changed: 5  -> 10 (+5)


  • Effect changed
  • Old effect:
    • Increase strength by 10.
  • New effect:
    • Increase popularity, speed and morale by 10.

Inner Circle

  • Perk activation reworked
  • Old activation:
    • Other Inner Circle members need to be in the match.
  • New activation:
    • Other Inner Circle members need to be on the same team.

Jurassic Express

  • Perk has been reworked
  • Old Activation:
    • When Jurassic Express are on a team together, increase match popularity by 20.
  • New Activation:
    • When Jurassic Express win a match together, increase match popularity by 40.

Lucha Bros

  • Perk has been reworked
  • Old behavior:
    • When Lucha Bros are on a team together, increase strength by 10
  • New behavior:
    • When Lucha Bros win a match together, increase all stats by 10 in the next match.


  • Morale increase changed per activation: 3 -> 2 (-1)

The Butcher and The Blade

  • Effect changed
  • Old effect: 
    • Increase strength by 10
  • New effect:
    • Increases popularity by 50%, but increases chance of injury by 50% for the match.

Young Bucks

  • Effect changed
  • Old effect:
    • Increase Strength by 15
  • New effect:
    • Increase Match popularity by 15.

Known Issues

  • Some users on Android tablets have identified that their keyboard does not activate correctly
  • If an item is available for bucks and tickets, it will only show the price for bucks
  • Under certain circumstances, tickets will not visually update until you restart the game
  • Some devices of certain resolutions have some instances of UI blocking gameplay.
  • Certain tooltips can spawn offscreen at times.
  • Tooltip not displayed for owned gimmicks in inventory.
  • Animations for Segments that target a specific set of wrestlers, won’t animate on the chosen wrestlers, this is purely visual and the segment effects chosen wrestlers.
  • When purchasing multiple supply or gimmick packs, the continue button will appear during the pack opening animation.
  • Under certain conditions, the 4th and 10th story missions can cause crashes.